Energy Saver

  • All models meet HUD requirements for manufactured housing installation
  • Available in standard vent or direct vent design
  • Convertible gas control for natural gas or propane operation
  • “Environmentally-Friendly” Green Choice® gas burner reduces NOx emissions by 33% compared to standard burners

ProMax® Specialty Vent Power Vent

Our ProMax® specialty vent gas water heaters can be installed almost anywhere in your home because they can vent up to 40 feet. Our direct-vent models feature two-pipe combustion systems that draw clean air from outside the home, eliminating any worries about indoor ventilation.

  • Equipped with C3 Technology®.
  • Versatile Power Vent design.
  • Intelli-Vent™ Gas control.
  • Dynaclean™ Diffuser dip tube.
  • Green Choice® gas burner.
  • Permaglas® glass tank coating.
  • 6-year limited tank & parts warranty.