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    Guardian Emergency Back Up Sump Pump

Water powered sump pumps eliminate basement flooding without electricity! This unique pump uses standard water pressure to keep your basement dry even during a power failure. Use as an emergency back-up in tandem with your conventional sump pump or by itself in new construction. Rated for intermittent or continuous use. 3/4” I.D. Copper water supply and main 50 psi inlet pressure. With a 5’ lift, it pumps 780 GPH, with15’ lift- 490 GPH. x Inlet size 1” FIP thread. With each1 gallon of fresh water, it pumps 2 gallons of sump water. 3/4 I.D. Copper. USA.

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The Guardian pump is designed for the following uses:
Ground water
Sump crocks in homes, motels and hotels, schools, hospitals, industrial buildings, computer and record storage rooms

Guardian Pump Features
Made in the USA
Patented activation valve for Positive ON, Positive OFF
Designed for intermittent or continuous use
Supplied with an approved backflow preventer
Made with high quality brass and PVC materials for corrosion resistance
McDonald Hydro Drive optimizes performance
Guardian Pump Specifications
Designed for de-watering
Discharge size 1 1/4" PVC Sch. 80 (IPS)
Inlet size 1" FIP threads
Min. pressure 29, max. 90
Min. water temperature 32°F

Guardian Model 747H20
Guardian Model 747H20RR (Radon Ready)
How Does it Work?

Frequently Asked Question

What happens to your sump pump when the power fails.
With no power the electric pump fails, water can get into the basement and cause costly damage to the water heater, furnace, and anything else in the basement.
I have a battery back up for my sump pump, I should be safe shouldn’t I?
A, Battery back up pumps are fine for short power outages, but will it last 4, 6, 8 hours? How about, two days, 5 days, a week?
I have my own generator, do I still need the Guardian?
Probably. Think about how much gasoline you have on site and how long it will last in the event of an emergency. Most people have only what is in the gas tank on the generator itself and that won’t last for long? If you run out can you get gas quickly and easily especially if the whole region has no power? Also, are you home 24/7? Do you ever go on vacation?  Who will start the generator if you are not there.
How does the Guardian work?
The Guardian uses pressurized city water and a principal called the “Venturi Effect” to create a vacuum and draw in sump water. This is a tested and proven technology. The Guardian has been on the market and performing superbly for years.